1732 - 1772

A set of Dos Mundos coins otherwise known as Columnarias or Pillar Dollars
from the Mexico Mint: 8R 1764 MF; 4R 1752 MF;
2R 1756 M; 1R 1762M; 1/2R 1754M.
DOS MUNDOS or PILLAR COINAGE. Spanish Colonial. These beautiful silver coins proclaimed by their bold design Spanish dominion over the Old World of Europe and the New World of the Americas and the East. They steadily came to replace the much abused cob coins through the medium of a prescribed circular shape sealed against debasement by a distinctive milled floral edge.

The coins were the famous "pieces of eight" (referring to the 8-real coin) of legend and literature. Exquisitely designed, and strictly of 916.66 fine silver, these columnarias were minted with screw presses in the same denominations as the earlier cobs and immediately established the well earned reputation of being the best known and respected coins in every part of the known world, making them the prototype of modern international currency.