A bronze or copper 1728 Barrilla (32 mm). Later dates are known to exist,
particularly 1766, which has been referred to in historical documents.
Earlier dates and similar specimens in lead or other base metal have been reported.
Spanish Colonial. This uniface cast bronze (copper) piece signals the start of specifically Philippine coinage under Spain. It is inscribed at the center with the royal seal of the City of Manila, dated 1728 (perhaps its first year of issue) and labelled "BARILLA" (a name carried over to today's bariya meaning small change which it probably was at that time). This early form of coinage was most likely used to remedy the dire shortage of fractional coins and circulated with similar such coins from Spain. It appeared in different sizes and weights and was mostly used for petty transactions. Soon to follow were other forms of minor coinage (mostly in copper) known as ochavos, cuartos, 2 cuartos and 4 cuartos which were farmed out for manufacture to local Chinese contractors under government supervision.