A set of gold portrait coins: 8S Popayan (Columbia) 1793 JF;
4S Madrid 1786 DV; 2S Mexico 1799 FM; 1S Madrid 1787 DV;
1/2S Madrid 1770 PJ.

Spanish Colonial. Also known as "doublooms", these coins were the gold counterparts of the silver portraits. They were likewise minted in Spanish and colonial mints (where native mines and forced labor were abundant) in different denominations (8 escudos, 4 escudos, 2 escudos, 1 escudo and half escudo) and circulated in the colonies including the Philippines. 

These doublooms and the hoard of silver coins that usually accompanied them were carried by lumbering galleons that regularly departed from Acapulco for the East which Dutch, English and other raiders and adventurers eagerly preyed upon.