3529 Escolta Bridge and Canal, Manila, Philippine Islands
(1901 H.C. White)

Freight Boats, Pasig River
 (Sold by Canvassers)

6547 A Filipino Ferry Boat, P.I.
(1903 George W. Griffith)

13460 The Harbor, Manila, P.I.
(1900 B.W. Kilburn)

3533 The Pasig River, Manila, Philippine Islands
(1901 H.C. White)

 10085 A Busy Scene on the Pasig River, Manila -- Cascos, the Freight Boats
of the Philippines  (Keystone)

P-V26369 Barges Taking on Cargo 

V24053 Homes of Many in Our Island Possessions -- The Philippines

A family affair -- going to the Imus market with Cocoanuts-- Imus River, Philippines (1899 Underwood & Underwood)

A Waterway of Aguinaldo's Capital, Malolos, Philippine Islands
(1899 Underwood & Underwood)