10068 T Threshing Out Rice with Carabao, Pangasinan Province,
Island of Luzon (Keystone)

10064 T Filipino "Tractors" at Work -- Harrowing the Flooded Rice
Fields near manila, P.I.(Keystone)

10069 A Rice Harvester Laden with Gleanings of His Morning's
Toil, Island of Luzon (1906 Keystone)

10072 A Characteristic Plowing Scene, Interior of Luzon, P.I.
(1906 Keystone)

V24056 Filipino Farmer with His Water Bufalo
Harrowing a Flooded Rice Field, Luzon, P.I. (Keystone)

33954 Filipino Natives Winnowing Rice by Hand,
Panacan, Island of Palawan, P.I. (Keystone)

10070 Hulling Rice for Breakfast - Island of Luzon, P.I. 

6532 The primitive Filipino plow, drawn by a water buffalo,
Philippine Islands  (1903 Griffith)

83 natives and Caraboas. Ploughing in the mud, Philippine Islands
(1902 C.H. Graves)