82 Subburbs of Manilla
(Sold by Canvassers)

10012 Bamboo Hut and Bridge of Spain, Manila
(1899 B. L. Singley)

87 Native Houses Manilla
(Sold by Canvassers)

13736 The village road, Mindanao, P.I. 
(1900 B.W. Kilburn)

Queer inhabitants of queer Houses -- before a native store in Paranaque,
Philippines (1899 Underwood & Underwood)

3558 Native Huts of Bamboo Thatched with Nipa, Philippine Islands
(1902 H.C. White)

A Filipino home near Manila, Philippine Islands
(1902 C.H. Graves)

13562 The rainy season, showing a ntive home in Luzon, P.I.
(1900 B.W. Kilburn)

73 In the Town of Paranaka
(Sold by Canvassers)