Size 20 x 8 mm.
1903 1c Franklin
with vertical handstamp reading down.
Cancelled DAVAO / MINDANAO ISLD. / MAR 14 1906.

The only recorded postage stamp
handstamped in black.

Black handstamp on 2c Washington carmine on white 1903 postal envelope. Backstamped MANILA / AUG 26.

The only recorded black handstamp on postal envelope.

With the addition of new materials the Philippine Constabulary Handstamped OFFICIAL BUSINESS is presented to you as a new collection. Originally this was a part of the 10-Frame Philippine Constabulary Handstamped Officials, 1906-1907 Provisional Period. Added to the site last March 31, 2006, with 23 images in 8 html pages, this new collection now consist of 49 images in 11 html pages.

The philippine Philatelist expect that other sections will be separated as well. It is quite difficult to revised a finished 10-frame or 160 page presentation for the web. Transforming some sections into individual collections will be much easier to do. We will be able to point to you particular collection upgrades. Your viewing will be easier and without doubt with more intense pleasure...TCM / 05.15.2008

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