Dear Friends:

In 1992, Soler y Llach of Barcelona  sold  through auction a specialized  collection of Queen Isabella II issues.  For several years this  sale elicited one question from collectors with interest on Spanish - Philippines postal issues: Who is the owner  of the collection?

My identity has been kept a secret by three close friends, two from the Soler y Llach  organization and the third, Abe Luspo, a  very close friend from the Philippines.  In December of 1998, Abe  asked my permission to make  the contents of the auction catalogue available  to everyone through the internet and that my identity no longer be kept a secret. 

As with my other Philippine collections that I later disposed, many of the major pieces from this collection are now back in the Philippines where they rightfully belong. The sale of this collection helped Filipino and foreign collectors improve their exhibits and attain for them the honors and medals they truly deserve. 

The stamps and covers illustrated herein represent 97 percent of lots that was hammered on the floor in 1992. The 3 percent  balance consisted of pre - philatelic period covers and other duplicated stamp items. All the major pieces are shown for your valued information and reference. 

Because of the numerous images some pages will take more than a few moments to load.

Thank you very much.

Fritz-Walter Lange

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