10086 Old Cavite Church near Manila -- An old Insurgent Stronghold
Bombarded by American Guns , Island of Luzon, P.I. (Keystone)

13481 Aim! Ready! Fire! The 4th Infantry Boys repulsing an attack
at Imus, Luzon, P.I. (1900 B.W. Kilburn)

13506 The 10th Pennsylvania Boys with the big muzzle-loader
captured from the Insurrectos at Bacoor, P.I. (1900 B.W. Kilburn)

13645 On the firing line at dead man's bend, Imus road, P.I.
(1900 B.W. Kilburn)

The end of two Filipino Sharp-shooters -- a rice field near Imus, Philippines
(1899 Underwood & Underwood)