The Telegraph Service of the the Department of Posts, renamed the Bureau of Posts,  is one of my neglected U.S.P.I. areas. My reason for not looking into its philatelic aspect was its lack of appeal: all paper, practically no stamps at all and admittedly official mail then was not my cup of coffee.

It's rather late for me to delve into this subject but as the saying goes "better late than never." I blame Dr. Tommy Sim for this sudden interest for sending several examples of telegraph forms and envelopes which are illustrated under the OFFICIAL ISSUES & POSTAL HISTORY section of the USPI Archives.

The only resource materials I have on hand on this subject is a copy of the 1902 U.S. Annual Report and selected years of the Rosenstock Manila Directory.

I am sure that many of you know something about this subject matter. You might even have some examples in your collection of which images will most appreciated. In the same manner with the WWII POW Cards perhaps with your assistance this can expanded into a definite collection and study. 

Abe Luspo, Jr.
Manila, Philippines
August 27, 2006

On page 249 of the U.S. Annual Report, under Miscellaneous, Department of Posts of the Philippine Islands is a list of "STAMPS FOR POSTAL AND TELEGRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS" expressed in U.S. currency.

Judging for the stamp denominations the rates at this time was most likely based on the Spanish Philippines telegraph service.

The above telegraph rate schedule from the 1906 edition of Rosenstock's Manila Directory. The first question that needs an answer is to what year the above rates remained valid.