December 19, 2005

Dear Collector:

Except for a couple of selected pieces this compilation of handstamped "VICTORY" issues is really not new. For those of you that visit the site regularly you've seen most of them either in the Archives, Must Look or Auction Watch sections. With easy reference in mind I took the tasked of consolidating all of them in one compilation with the intent of making this as your reference of choice.

Although not yet complete it is a substantial presentation of the most sought after issues of the U.S.P.I. period. Because of the proliferation of fakes many collectors only consider acquiring them if accompanied by a credible certificate of authenticity. The stamps and covers in this compilation have carefully been selected not only because of their superb image quality but also to its authenticity. Each item has been certified to be genuine in all respect either by the American Philatelic Society (APS) or the Philatelic Foundation (PF).

Listed here under are the missing pieces (Scott numbers) with an appeal and prayer for your valued assistance to help me complete this compilation. Your contribution will be very much appreciated by the Philippine philatelic community. Please send them to in  jpg format, at no less than 300 dpi resolution. 

  • 463: 2c Rizal Rose on 411
  • 463B: 2c Rizal Rose on 433
  • O42: 20c Light Olive Green Official
  • U42A: 2c Green Postal Envelope
Many of the images in this presentation used with the kind permission of Robert Siegel Galleries and Matthew Bennett International. Link to their web site at the Must Browse section. Others are collector contributions, who to the best of my knowledge acquired them with full certification. 

As always, enjoy!!!!!

Tommy Sim
Houston, Texas

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