October 13, 2007

Dear Friends:

In relation to the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS issues the focus of discussion is always on the 1925 Lambert Sales Co. and 1931 Imperforate issues. Always asked is WHICH IS THE HARDER BETWEEN THE TWO? In the exhibit arena CAN EITHER ONE OR BOTH BE DONE? The 1925 Lambert in five frames is a done deal. In fact it is so superb that I believe that even with all the money in the world no one can form a second 5-frame collection that will equal it terms of strength and depth. 

I do not think a Philippine collector has ever considered or attempted to form a 5-frame exhibit of the 1931 issue. A frame or two perhaps but certainly not five....UNTIL NOW. The Philippine Philatelist as always is proud to be given the honor to be the first to put on public display this fantastic collection. What you are about to view are selected materials of a 5-frame exhibit and I swear on all the bibles of the different religions that it is indeed 5-frames. In terms of usage as a done collection it is 98 percent commercial mail which is less in quantity to the 1925 Lambert shipping labels. The 2 percent consist of flight covers and philatelic correspondence. A sampling is included in this presentation. They are included in the collection / exhibit as a record of usage and not to indicate that this collection is short of commercial covers because it certainly is not.

All the Lambert Regular values exist on shipping labels and the 1925 Special Delivery which Lambert never put to use exist used privately. For the 1931 Imperforate issue no commercial cover is known to exist with the 10 Pesos value. Large multiples of the higher value stamps are likewise difficult to obtain since majority of the panes were cut up into singles and small blocks for even distribution to local collectors who failed to obtain copies of the 1925 Lamberts. Only two complete panes of the 1931 Special Delivery known to exist while eight panes of the 1925 Special Delivery have been recorded.

For quite some time the 1931 issue was considered as a reprint of the 1925 Lamberts. It is not. The 1931 issue is totally different and their only common attribute is that both were issued imperforate.

I myself believed and have said in the past that it could never be done. Now I eat my words. Can this collection be repeated? I don't think so. My dream if I get to live long enough is to see this collection and the 1925 Lamberts at the 2008 WestPex show. If you happen to have connections with WestPex people urge them to accept the two applications as I guarantee you it will be a once in a lifetime viewing event.

So ready your drink, turn off your mobile phone and leave word not to be disturb. Sit comfortably and go through each value and silently say WOW!

As always ENJOY!

Abe Luspo, Jr.
Cebu City, Philippines
October 13, 2007

Collection contents updated October 14, 2007