Without doubt, the Spanish Dominion period  is the hardest Philippine stamp collection to assemble. The stamps are either very expensive or catalogued very cheap but damn difficult to find.

Dr. Severino "Chi" Bajar's started to collect this period in the late 1980s. The collection you are about to view
although not complete, is certainly substantial. We hope you will appreciate the ten years plus effort made by Dr. Bajar in putting up this collection. While many have given up, Dr. Bajar has painstakingly adhered to the belief that eventually this collection will be completed. 

The stamps are arranged in chronological order per Dr. Bajar's album pages. The collection was scanned with stamps on Hawid mounts and album pages placed inside protective sleeves. As expected, the images are not that clear resulting from the two layers of protective transparent film. Perhaps in the near future, Dr. Bajar, who is based in Masbate, will spend more time in Manila and allow us to reproduce his collection to the highest level of clarity. 

The Philippine Philatelist extend its deepest appreciation to Dr. Severino "Chi" Bajar for accepting without hesitation our invitation to feature his collection on this site. We hope that you will follow his example in sharing to the world what you passionately collect.




Designed by an artillery corps sergeant, to date identity unknown.
Hand engraved in sheets of 40 (5 x 8).
Printed on unwatermarked paper. Issued imperforate.
Printed by Plana, Jorba y Compañia, Plaza de Binondo, Manila.
Reported quantity: 5,000 pieces for 5 and 10 Cuartos 
and 3,000 pieces for 1 Real and 2 Reales.

5 Cuartos
10 Cuartos
10 Cuartos
Dark Orange
Dark Carmine
Pale Rose
1 Real
1 Real
2 Reales
Slate Blue
Deep Ultramarine
Yellow Green

1 Real "CORROS" Error
1 Real Counterfeit
Probably from Cuba, ca 1880s.
The upper caption is not even. 
The "F" of "FRANCO" curving downwards.
Malformed "CORREOS" letters.

This Collection: 22 Pages 336 Images
Uploaded June 4, 2003