lthough I am no longer involved in the physical ownership side, my passion for Philippine philately and for the hobby in general remains the same and I sincerely hope it will likewise be forever in you. The Philippine Philatelist is my way of giving back what philately has given me: a very long list of friends and a ton of knowledge. Everything you need to know and want to know about Philippine philately from now on is just a click away!
This is a documentation of some of the best Philippine collections ever formed. Hopefully they will inspire and challenge you to take on the hobby and like many of us become a stamp aficionado. 
The Philippine Philatelist prides itself for being the only site that extensively gives you not just a closet look at each individual item or collection but takes you to a higher level of understanding on what Philippine philately is all about: its roots, history and importance. It is deep in content. The high level of philatelic information complimented by quality pictures will help you understand and appreciate the different Philippine philatelic periods.

We keep track of the movement of interesting and unique materials. Our briefs on selected items make interesting reading. Many lay to rest issues or questions that have been raised by collectors for considerable lengths of time. This site will allow you to expand their knowledge. Everything on this site is a of public record, a replacement of the philatelic publications of the past.

Philippine collectors will forever be in debt to those who willingly gave the Philippine Philatelist unrestricted access to their collections and also to those who continue to send us items that we add to our Archives section. 

Since its conception in 1999, considerable changes have been made to keep up with the demands of the hobby, the public and of course, to cater and do justice to the collections and single items that are continuously added to the site. Its rapid growth, I attribute to our desire to continue promoting the Philippines as a very desirable country to collect. We have reached a point when we can proudly declare that  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE COMES CLOSE!

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to click on the "Communicate" bar.

Thank you very much and enjoy!!!!

Abraham Luspo, Jr.
Manila, Philippines