12750 The Hottest of the Fight. Battle of Manila, May 1st 1898
(1898 B.W. Kilburn)

9448 The Great Naval Battle of Manila Bay -- Admiral Dewey's Victory
(1898 Muller Luchsinger & Co)

5034 Battle of Manila, may 1, 1898. How Dewey did it.
(C.H. Graves)

9448 The Great Naval BAttle of Manila Bay -- Admiral Dewey's
Victory (1899 B. L. Singley)

9647 On Deck Cruiser "Raleigh" Showing One of the Guns Taken
from the Spaniards at Manila (188 B.L. Singley)

After a "Dewey" morning in Manila Bay -- the destroyed Spanish Warship
"Don Antonio de Ulloa" (1899 Underwood & Underwood)

The Ship that led the Line of Battle -- Admiral Dewey's "Olympia" 
Manila Bay (1899 Underwood & Underwood)

Looking toward Manila - showing the "Olympia" -- from the deck of the
"Oregon" -- Manila Bay (1899 Underwood & Underwood)

Victory of "Santiago" and "Manila" -- the renowned "Olympia" 
and "Oregon" -- Manila (1899 Underwood & Underwood)

The "Raleigh" -- This Gun and Crew fired the first Shot in Manila Bay.
(1899 Underwood & Underwood)