(22) 4578-A A street scene at Ermita, a suburb of Manila, P.I.
(Underwood & Underwood)

(46) 10679 Leisurely traffic on a business street in Cavite, P.I.
 (Underwood & Underwood)

33951 Primitive TRansportation Mingles with the Modern
on the streets of Manila, P.I. (Keystone)

10058 Calle Real, Principal Street of Walled City, Manila, P.I.

10057 The "Escolta" -- The Business Thoroughfare of Manila, 
Island of Luzon, P.I. (1906 Keystone)

 119 looking Down Elescolta
(Sold by Canvassers)

96 Main Street, Manila
(Sold by Canvassers)

(24) Rosario Street and Binondo Church, from the Pasig River, Manila, Philippines (1899 Underwood & Underwood)