October 18, 2004

Fellow Collectors:

A couple of months back on this site I came up with a small presentation of the Tagle OFFICIALS. My intention then was to gather suggestions  on how to create a listing or a catalog on the different types of the Tagle overprints. After going over the suggestions and comments I received, it is therefore a must that such a listing must be easy to understand and follow. 

This presentation will be therefore be the basis of such a listing. I trust that after viewing the pages you will agree with me that the arragement of the different types of overprints based on Scott catalog numbers will be easy to remember. The only matter to be resolved is how  to provide a unique reference to each overprinted stamp with the use of either a prefix or suffix. Your suggestions on this matter will be most appreciated.

Vicente Tagle overprinted stamps for official use by the Department of Interior and perhaps for other government offices as well. The overprinting started in 1926 to the late 1930s. Obviously from the sample covers presented herein, some of the overprints were used on philatelic mail (over franking on several covers).

After countless of nights sorting them out, this is the final composition of the Tagle stamps in my collection. I am one that will readily admit that there are other examples or types that I have not yet seen. Perhaps after seeing this, you would be so kind to inform me of its existence so I can include them in the listing that I am currently preparing. 

In brief, this collection is arranged in the following format:

"O.B." Overprints
-- Style 1 - Serifed Characters
-- Style 2 - Semi-Serifed Characters
-- Style 3- Sans Serif Characters
"OFFICIAL" Overprints
-- Style 1 - Serifed Characters
-- Style 2- Sans Serif Characters

Thank you very much and hoping to hear from you soon.

Dr. Tommy Sim
Houston, Texas

This Collection: 47 Pages and 482 Images