This is a re-make of three sections of the collection PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY OFFICIALS, 1906 - 1907 PROVISIONAL PERIOD, which was added to the site last March 31, 2006. The original materials of the three types of handstamped small O.B. and 54 new images deemed it to be only practical that they be separated from the original 10-frame collection and made into a distinct collection. 

Philatelic covers are included in this presentation to highlight usage of high values. Some of the values do not exist on covers without the O.B. on them. So the philatelic covers are the best that we can come up with. As the saying goes, it's better than nothing. However it cannot be disputed that the O.B. stamps were also put into proper and extensive use. The word "proper" is in bold text to emphasize the use of the stamps to pre-pay the right amount of postage on official Constabulary correspondence. This is attested not only with entire covers but also with the numerous cut squares which by the way are from entire covers. Presenting the numerous covers in this format reduced to 56 from the 80 original html pages.

We trust that the new presentation will be more easier not only to view but also to appreciate that although Gen, Bandholtz as a philatelist may have ulterior motives his method to control stamp expenditure for his department proved to be effective.

Enjoy the viewing.

Dr. Tommy Sim

Revised May 30, 2006: From 80 Pages and 284 Images to 57 Pages and 338 Images 

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