Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak's PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC  ERRORS, FREAKS & ODDITIES collection is perhaps the most comprehensive in the planet today. "Tak" as he is fondly called, has devoted much of his time and resources studying the Republic period, an area where the majority either neglected, shunned  or purposely avoided. To many the Republic period does not have the glamor of the Isabellas of the Spanish Dominion period or even the potential to give good returns. 

Many collectors  talk in terms of the dollars they have spent, the catalogue values, rarity, and resale value. Sadly the words "research" or "knowledge" seemed to be no longer in their dictionary. To the extreme, a few have talked on philately as an investment portfolio. Dr. Ngo's love for the Republic period is probably a trait where many of the collectors today sadly do not have. The energy is evident and the information is detailed. These are validating signs that he is enjoying the hobby. Above all, he defines what philately should be: a hobby for keeps and not 
a temporary diversion tool. 

Any hobby will entail an expense. The Republic, although it may not be that expensive if compared to the other philatelic eras, is never ending. The deluge of issues,  the format variety and sometimes delayed released dates is a test on one's temper and patience. Coping and surviving  these demands is what sets Tak apart from the rest. Persistency is the key word. Resulting from his persistency is this collection. It may be just the Republic period but it is the envy of the rest. 

Our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Ngo for allowing us access to his collection. With this, the circle is complete. Each of the five Philippine philatelic eras has a representative collection. 

Manila, Philippines
August 5, 2002 
Collection undated April 25, 2004

This Collection: 55 Pages and 226 Images