This is a fascinating group of material relating to Pvt. Oscar B. Brown of the 440th Ordnance Company Aviation. He was captured on Bataan with his unit and was later send to Camp # 2 at  Davao.

He escaped from Davao in late 1943 and spent the next 18 months with the guerillas in Mindanao. He was injured while serving as a guerilla and was picked up by US forces  in  January 1945 by the 14th Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron ( Boat # P-393 )  and  was taken to friendly forces.

Illustrated are letters concerning his parents concern on his whereabouts to his eventual homecoming. Philately is not just about small bits of paper and the envelopes and cards that go along with it. In between it deals about life, the touching of life. They are constant reminders of our human frailties. It gives us more reason on why we as collectors must continue to preserve that of the past.

Collection and text by Kurt Stauffer

Prisoner of War postcard Private Brown mailed from Camp #2 the letter returning
it to his family by the US Army Provost Marshals Office. His family sent it to them to establish his POW status.

It was the first word that the family received about him.