This 5-frame traditional philately class exhibit was awarded a gold medal at the recent APO Philatelic Society annual national exhibit held at the main lobby of the Manila Central Post Office. 

There is really nothing to crow about on the Occupation stamps. I have seen in the past exhibits that illustrate in detail minute overprint varieties such as an ink dot here and there plus the usual color variations which more often to me is a result of the aging process. The few that are in this collection are mere decorations or simply put, page fillers. However, a couple of the known major varieties are in this collection and these are the ones that I call your attention to.

The challenge therefore is on coming up with a nice mix of commercial covers. Even without taking cost into account, they are not easy to come by these days.  Still currently available are those franked with 2c Rizal and 5c Dalaga Provisional or 5c Fuji-Mayon definitive. Anything beyond is a totally different story. The biggest asset of this collection are the commercial covers. I hope you will agree with me when I say that some are exceptional. Many are presently scarce, very scarce or even rare. A couple could be the envy to those who indulge in this period. I will refrain from citing specifics as they truly deserve your serious attention.

The  inclusion of first day or philatelically prepared covers cannot be avoided as a couple of important issues for the period are not known to exist on commercial or even official covers. In reality, it is possible not to include them in any Japanese Occupation traditional collection. This will narrow the number of issues covered and the 80-page collection will be flooded with brown colored official mail envelopes franked with three common issues. 

The official covers in this collection were selected for their franking and place of usage. Many are not the common fare types and only a few are ex Manila. Please do not expect to see a deep selection of  censor marks as they belong to a postal history collection. 

Gene Garrett's book on the postal history of the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines used a reference for covers emphasized with having unrecorded , earliest reported postmarks.

This is the first collection on the site presented in actual exhibit page and frame format. Please be patient as some pages will take more than a few moments to load (scanned at 300 dpi and then reduced to 600 pixels width, 75 kb average page size).

Although there are far better collections than this one, I can state with conviction that this is the best to come out of Manila in recent years.

This is Edward Nocom's collection.

As always ENJOY!!!!!!

Manila, Philippines
December 20, 2004

This Collection: 85 Pages - 156 Images

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