Two covers from the Soler y Llach (Barcelona) auction; with King Alfonso XIII 5c Rose and 15c Olive Green respectively. Endorsed to the ships SAN NICHOLAS and CARMEN which basically mean that the two originated out of Cebu. Described as RARE, ex AGUINAGA and with Graus certificates.

Observation: The Cebu handstamped used to be very scarce but I have noted several have been coming out of Barcelona the past couple of years (all with Graus certificates). Inclusive of these two, this section has now eight examples with the previous 6 originating from the same sender. Describing them as rare is an over statement.

On the two latest addition I'm curious on: 

  • Why both have the missing piece more or less in the same position;
  • Where is the originating dispatch postmark;
  • Why over franked like most of the other examples;
  • Why always with a Graus certificate (in international philatelic exhibitions private certificates do not hold water). 
  • On the first six examples, again originating from the same sender, the stamp affixed at the left side of the address. Perhaps this was done out of habit. The handwriting of the two shown are different from the six but why again the stamps on the same location as on the other six? Coincidence? I DO NOT THINK SO!
If you have examples in your collection take an eagle's eye look at what you have and at the eight examples in the section. Maybe like I did, you'll be scratching your head and possibly have more questions to ask.

Thanks Tommy for allowing e to make my comments on thse items....aql